Audition ★★★½

From one of world cinema's most prolific & highly controversial directors, Audition is a brutal, harrowing & gut-wrenching psychological horror that's definitely not for the easily distressed & is disturbing enough to make even hardcore horror fans cringe. It tells the story of a widower who with the help of his friend keeps an audition to find his new wife on the pretence of a movie production but the one girl who attracted him most turns out to be not really what she seemed.

If you've seen the works of Takashi Miike, then you're well aware of what you're getting into. If you haven't, then enter at your own risk. For me, Audition has to be one of Miike's finest works of his filmmaking career & smartly succeeds as a gruesome example of its genre that's viciously effective. Narrated in a manner that takes out pieces of information & arranges them all in the end to reveal the final twist, the film handles its mystery & violence in an aggressive manner that's sure to churn the stomach of many.

The performances by the cast is good with the best work coming from Eihi Shiina who plays the mysterious girl whose past is cleverly revealed during the film's climactic moment; which in itself is downright shocking, appalling & haunting. On an overall scale, Audition features all the trademarks of its now notorious director & is destined to leave its viewers divided over its grisly content, violence & gore. Promising a sadistic, uneasy & nearly unbearable cinematic experience, Audition is a must for those who like their cinema a bit extreme.

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