Confessions ★★★

A brilliant psychological thriller, a shocking portrayal of revenge & a smartly-crafted work of mystery, Confessions makes a solid mark in its opening monologue which later goes on to haunt the viewers as well as the characters in the movie throughout its runtime. It tells the story of a school-teacher who unleashes her twisted master plan to punish the students responsible for her daughter's death & is told through the confessions of different people as the story moves forward.

Narrated in non-chronological order & shifting point of views that requires the viewers' attention from the very beginning in spite of the chaos & repelling ambience present during its opening moments, the film is carefully assembled & effectively told from start to finish. Smartly directed, deftly written & featuring magnificent performances, especially from the child actors, the film manages to make its viewers sympathize with one character after another but where it delivers the strongest punch is in its final moments.

On an overall scale, Confessions may not be an enjoyable flick but it still works as a pretty good psychological thriller-mystery & this time, a classic revenge-themed cinema this good doesn't come from South Korea who seem to be the undisputed master of it but Japan; another Asian cinema powerhouse. It's brutal, violent, disturbing, maddening & depressing but if you are game for revenge-thrillers like I am, then Confessions is just the right film for you to check out.

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