Coraline ★★★★

Laika Studios' first foray into feature filmmaking is a wonderfully imagined & mesmerisingly told tale of the reality we live in & the reality we wish for. In an age where most animation studios have taken the route of computer-generated 3D animation, this new player in town has adopted a wholly different method to set itself apart; stop-motion animation.

Based on the novel of the same name, Coraline tells the story of its titular character; an 11-year old girl who moves into an old house with her parents, finds a hidden passage which crosses into a parallel world where her parents are more caring & her dreams are always fulfilled. But the sinister secrets of this alternate reality are soon revealed when she refuses an offer to stay there.

Written & directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Coraline is a superbly scripted, gorgeously photographed, patiently edited, splendidly scored & beautifully animated flick that makes brilliant use of its stop-motion technique, for the world brought alive in this feature is as vivid & alive as the finest examples of its genre, and even the characters are exquisitely developed.

Crafted with great care & dedication, keeping major emphasis on its characters & story, and marking a sensational start for its production house, Coraline is a potent combination of smart filmmaking, masterful all-round creativity & spellbinding animation that will immerse viewers of all ages into its world of wonder with effortless ease, and comes delightfully recommended.

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