Such a dry, drab & dated piece of work from Steven Spielberg that it’s forgettable in every sense of the word, Hook is an excessively cloying, juvenile & cartoonish misfire, and is possibly the worst entry in what's undeniably amongst the most celebrated film careers of all time.

The story of Hook follows Peter Pan who has grown up to be a successful lawyer but his workaholic nature has strained his relationship with his family. Things are set in motion when his kids are abducted by an old foe but in order to save them, he must return to Neverland once again.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the first act is actually interesting and showcases numerous themes & trademarks that define his works. But once the setting moves to Neverland, it becomes an unbearable mess that gets lost in its poorly designed set pieces, childish antics & muddled storyline.

Robin Williams certainly isn't a bad choice to play the adult Peter Pan but he isn't given much to work with though he still ends up doing a slightly better job than the rest. The visual effects are awful, an absolute rarity in a Spielberg film, and those colour-heavy sets fail to bring the magical vibe of Neverland to life.

On an overall scale, Hook is a dull, unimaginative & monotonously crafted fantasy adventure that neither dazzles as a fantasy nor intrigues as an adventure. Scoring low marks in all aspects, and jam-packed with cringeworthy moments as well as annoying characters, Hook lacks the required sense of wonder despite being a Spielberg film and if you missed out on it when you were a child, then don’t even bother checking it out now.

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