Jaws ★★★★★

Widely regarded by critics & viewers alike as one of the greatest, scariest & most influential films of all time, Jaws is Steven Spielberg's breakthrough masterpiece that didn't only catapult his career to great heights but also ended up establishing the modern Hollywood business model by becoming the first blockbuster in cinema history.

Set in a fictional Amity Island, the story concerns a town sheriff, a marine scientist & a local fisherman who team up together to hunt down a gigantic great white shark which has been terrorizing their small island community. However, once they set out into the wide ocean, they only end up discovering themselves as the ones being hunted by the great white.

Produced on low budget, the masterful creativity of director Steven Spielberg is at full display here as he didn't only film it with great emphasis on plot & development but brilliantly amplified the tension as well by not explicitly showing us the shark for the majority of its runtime while not denying its presence either and when he did reveal it, that moment made many jump off their seats.

Also supporting great direction is this film's tense screenplay, sincere performances from its entire cast, great use of camera, superb editing and finally, the biggest contributor in turning Jaws into an absolutely bone-chilling experience, John Williams' tense score which elevated the horror to new heights & made the film twice as effective.

Nearly 40 years have passed since this fright classic hit the screen and yet, even after countless imitations, it retains its ability to frighten the viewers with the same fervour as it did in the 1970s. A haunting masterpiece that made an entire generation afraid of ever stepping into the ocean again, Jaws has very effectively managed to stand the test of time and will hopefully continue to do so for many more decades.

Immortal for its contribution to the genres of horror & suspense, and a watershed moment for cinema itself, this unforgettable chiller remains one of finest achievements of Steven Spielberg's filmmaking career and without a shadow of a doubt comes strongly recommended.

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