North by Northwest

North by Northwest ★★★

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest features a spellbinding first half which makes terrific use of clever wit, elevated tension & elements of suspense but it is unfortunately marred by a lacklustre second half which bogs the story down with a dragged narrative and feels rather overlong in the end although it does have one spectacular sequence that will be etched in memory once it's seen.

One of the first films to lay down the foundations for modern action thrillers in Hollywood, North by Northwest is a thrilling tale of mistaken identity which concerns an innocent advertising executive who is mistaken for a government agent by an organisation of foreign spies and is pursued by them. The story covers his journey of survival as danger & betrayal await at every corner.

Although the film is neatly directed & does boast some high moments, it nonetheless ends up feeling like a mixed bag as the story kind of overstays its welcome and the ending feels overly stretched & far more extended than required. The screenplay is deftly written, camerawork is excellent from its opening moments, editing could've paced the second half better, and Bernard Herrmann's score is expertly composed.

Coming to the performances, Cary Grant is absolutely brilliant in his role and dons his character's suit smoothly. Plus, he is wonderfully supported by other actors who deliver fab performances in their given roles. On an overall scale, North by Northwest is an intriguing & entertaining flick from Hitchcock that didn't work out for me as well as I would've liked but it is still an effective example of its genre that's definitely worth viewing.

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