Nosferatu ★★★★

An unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula but also the most influential amongst all vampire films ever made, Nosferatu is an eerie, creepy, gothic & haunting cinema that may not look frightening enough from today's standards but its chilling atmosphere can still rival the best of what modern film industry has to offer in the genre of horror.

Set in the fictitious German city of Wisborg, the story of Nosferatu concerns Hutter; a real estate agent, who travels to Transylvania to meet his new client only to find his journey full of strange occurrences & later discovers that he just sold a new residence to not a human but a vampire who after arriving to the new place expresses an interest in Hutter's innocent wife.

A silent horror that benefits greatly from a brilliantly written screenplay that was then superbly executed on screen by its classy direction, excellent use of expressionism from its cast, especially Max Schreck who plays vampire Count Orlok, inventive cinematography, smart editing, powerfully haunting music as well as clever use of its uncanny locations.

Almost a century has passed since Nosferatu first surfaced on the film canvas & it holding strong even today is a testament to the strength & visual appeal of this silent classic. On an overall scale, Nosferatu is one of the finest works of art that didn't just commence the effective horror genre but also slightly altered the legacy of vampire mythology, forever. Highly recommended.