Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Powerful, potent & provocative, Emerald Fennell's feature film debut is as vivid as it is vicious in its storytelling and is greatly elevated by Carey Mulligan's ferocious showcase. A bold & brilliant revenge thriller that's unyielding in its intensity yet is aware of what lines to not cross, Promising Young Woman is undeniably amongst the better films of 2020.

Also written by Fennell, the story is riveting, unforgiving & timely plus the drama only gets more interesting as it progresses before culminating with a finale that's going to divide its viewers. Fennell's tactful direction makes sure the dark mood & reckoning feel never leaves the room and the way it builds up to its inescapable climax is thoroughly engrossing to watch.

The neat camerawork, vibrant lighting, tight editing & splendid musical choices are no doubt impressive and bring a certain richness & depth to the imagery as well. The real standout however is Carey Mulligan's show-stealing performance that hits all the right notes and is up there with her finest efforts. The supporting cast is no slouch but Mulligan's strong act easily overshadows them all.

Overall, Promising Young Woman is gripping, thrilling & thought-provoking from start to finish and commences Emerald Fennell's feature filmmaking career on an incredibly promising note. A refreshing slice of abuse, trauma & retribution that's expertly crafted & confidently narrated by its debutant director and is catapulted to higher heights by Carey Mulligan's fierce & fervent rendition, Promising Young Woman is a definite must-see.

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