RRR ★★★½

Oozing with style, swag & swashbuckling energy, RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) is as intoxicating as it is unabashedly over-the-top and is blockbuster filmmaking at its most bombastic. Told with kinetic flair and riding on restless momentum, this 3-hour long larger-than-life epic extravaganza packs a gripping plot, interesting character dynamics & charismatic leads to go along with its explosive action spectacle and is entertaining throughout.

Written & directed by S.S. Rajamouli, the premise setup is neat and character introductions are striking enough to stand out and the film only gets bigger, bolder & better as plot progresses. Rajamouli aims for maximalist entertainment here and makes his intentions clear during the first action segment only but what's more impressive is him making sure that the story fundamentals are covered before going all-in on the elaborate set pieces.

Its 182 mins runtime never becomes a bother, thanks to its consistent narration & smooth flow. While the romance subplot & musical numbers are uncalled for, they are finely intertwined into the storyline. The action is ludicrous & CGI is cartoonish and yet what Rajamouli was going for with his imagination makes them work. The story rides on the bromance between its two leads and both the actors contribute with strong individual inputs and are even better as a duo.

Overall, RRR is a resounding & reverberating romp that blends history & mythology into one rip-roaring & action-packed cinematic offering that's as roisterous & ravishing as it is reductive & ridiculous at times. While it's easy to get swept away by its overwhelming rapture, flamboyant appeal & invigorating quality, the film does a fab job of juggling its narrative priorities with entertainment obligations and rises, roars & revolts enough to soar above the sea of mediocre blockbusters.

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