Rush ★★★★

You don’t really need to be an F1 racing fan or even be aware of what actually goes on in the sport to truly appreciate this film because what it depicts in its two hours of runtime isn’t something that's exclusive to its arena. This story is about how our rivals sometimes bring out the best in us when we've got something to defend or overcome. One of the best sports dramas to come out in recent years, Rush is a surprisingly good & highly satisfying ride that delivers the goods in just the right doses with its vibrant pace, kinetic action, arresting music & solid performances from its lead actors.

Based on true events, Rush is an ingenious recreation of 1976 Formula One season and recounts the intense F1 racing rivalry between James Hunt & Niki Lauda. Hunt is a gifted but cocky British playboy who prefers to live each day to its fullest & gets his kicks from the fear of death when on the racetrack while Lauda is a proud but calculating F1 racer who prefers taking his job seriously and relies on his technical knowledge of this sport, disciplined professionalism & precision timing. Their rivalry begins in the 1970 Formula 3 race & intensifies in the later years as both become highly obsessed with outperforming the other one, resulting in a rivalry that eventually made them legends.

Directed by Ron Howard who just like his previous works decides to play it safe by taking this film along the safer routes of conventions but does an outstanding job nonetheless. Peter Morgan's screenplay captures the accuracy of these real events quite well but, just like any other film based on a true story, a considerable amount of artistic license is taken to amplify the dramatic sequences. The authentic set pieces, vivid cinematography & concise editing add more depth to the narrative while Hans Zimmer once again delivers with a fabulous score that infuses an energy of its own into this film, which ultimately makes Rush a tense but exhilarating ride.

Coming to the acting department, there isn’t much to talk about apart from two really impressive performances by Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Brühl who play James Hunt & Niki Lauda, respectively. Hemsworth proves that he is more than just good looks and nicely captures the cockiness, arrogance, dry humour & devil-may-care attitude of his real-life character. But still, the real show-stealer of this film turned out to be Daniel Brühl’s near-perfect rendition of the Austrian legend, for he nails the accent, mannerism, seriousness, professionalism & even looks to quite an extent. Apart from the rivalry, the plot also focuses on their personal lives and how it played a vital role in their sport.

On an overall scale, Rush is a welcome entry in its genre that has its share of flaws but most of its footing is pretty much spot-on. There are moments of slight dullness in the first half but it quickly makes up for that with its energetic & furious second half. The race sequences are pure edge-of-the-seat stuffs which is considerably aided by unusual cameras angles and excellent work in sound mixing & sound editing departments. Retelling the fierce F1 feud between the two absolute best but entirely opposite personalities along with their underlying admiration & resentment for each other, Rush is a finely crafted sports drama that treats its subject matter with respect & effortlessly ranks amongst the finest films of its year.

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