Saw VI

Saw VI ★★½

After the disaster that was Saw V, it's quite surprising that Saw VI manages to bring back a bit of this franchise's original flair and is more enjoyable than the previous two chapters combined. The film is still marred by glaring issues but slight improvements in the script are able to give it a little edge over its disappointing predecessors.

Continuing from where the previous film signed off, Saw VI establishes Detective Hoffmann as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy but when the FBI closes in on the traces left behind by his previous victim, he is compelled to set a new game into motion. The plot also contemplates the posthumous effects of John Kramer aka Jigsaw.

Directed by Kevin Greutert, what's refreshing about this sixth instalment is that it attempts to aim for a compact structure and even though it misses the mark, what it ends up with is still sufficient to keep it afloat. Also, the story is more focused on the present than relying heavily on flashbacks, and the moral element is nicely integrated into its narrative.

The booby traps & torture devices get further upgrades and the grisly violence & gore unleashed over the course of its runtime is stomach-churning at times but will be an absolute delight for the hardcore fans of the franchise. Performances are terrible but the moral dilemma these characters find themselves in makes the whole process somewhat interesting.

On an overall scale, Saw VI is a welcome entry that nicely utilises the element of shock & surprise and concludes with a final plot twist that makes more sense than its past two instalments ever did. Much of it does feel repetitive but if Saw V left you with a bad aftertaste, then this sequel does the job of getting rid of it. Better than what I anticipated, Saw VI is the finest chapter since Saw III.

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