Song of the Sea ★★★½

Nominated for Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Song of the Sea is an irresistibly adorable, delightfully charming & undeniably magical cinema from the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon that's affectionately crafted, blissfully told & beautifully animated from start to finish and resonates an incredible amount of love, tenderness & warmth throughout its runtime.

Based on an ancient Celtic myth, Song of the Sea tells the story of Saoirse; a 6-year old girl living in a lighthouse with her father & brother who is also the last of the selkies; a mythological being who lives as a human on land & as a seal underwater. The plot covers her adventure as she escapes from her grandmother's home with her brother & travels to free the magical beings trapped in the human world.

Directed by Tomm Moore, Song of the Sea casts its spell from its opening moments for the entire story evokes a childlike sense of wonder & amazement, thanks to its highly innocent ambience, elegant camerawork, firm editing & intimate score. The traditional animation in itself is awe-inspiring plus the use of colours is so splendid that it provides an extremely rich texture n feel to the whole narrative.

On an overall scale, Song of the Sea is a polished work of art & animation that has its tale deeply rooted in the world of fairy tales. Sweet, heartwarming, poignant, virtuous & immensely cute, it may look like a simple story that's brought alive from the artwork of a children's fantasy novel yet packs in enough strength in the storytelling department to dazzle the grown-ups in a very unexpected manner. Don't miss it.

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