Speed ★★★★½

One of the most cleverly crafted & smartly executed action films of the 90s, Speed is an extremely riveting, high-octane action thriller that is downright engaging right from its opening moments & remains nail-bitingly tense throughout its runtime. The story here concerns a rookie cop who must board a bomb-rigged city bus & do whatever it takes to keep the speed above 50 mph or else the bomb goes off automatically.

The pacing is fierce, the direction is impressive, the screenplay is taut, the editing is tight, and the performances by Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock along with an intense score makes Speed a smooth ride with very few bumps along the road. One of the best chase films of its or any other time with far too many memorable sequences than any typical film of its genre, Speed is an intelligent & highly entertaining cinematic ride that still hasn't aged a day.

A timeless classic that can be enjoyed over n over again without any loss in its potency, Speed turns 20 this week & yet it effortlessly manages to kick some serious ass than most action films of today. Unquestionably recommended.

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