The Apartment

The Apartment ★★★★

Sweet, tender, hilarious & heartwarming, The Apartment is a wonderful amalgamation of romance, comedy & drama that's very entertaining from start to finish and subtly deals with the themes of adultery & infidelity by encapsulating its then-controversial subjects with excellent use of wit and remains one of Billy Wilder's best known films.

The story of The Apartment concerns a mild-mannered insurance company worker named C.C. Baxter who tries to climb the corporate ladder by letting the company executives use his apartment for their various liaisons. The plot covers the complications that arise when the company's director also asks Baxter to add him to the list.

Gleefully directed by Billy Wilder & deftly scripted too, the film approaches its subject matter in a very light-hearted manner and is crisply photographed, tightly edited, splendidly scored, cleverly humoured throughout the course of its runtime & fabulously performed by its cast amongst which Jack Lemmon ends up impressing the most.

On an overall scale, The Apartment is an elegantly crafted, endlessly entertaining & exquisitely witted picture that promises loads of fun, laughter & a good time and effortlessly delivers it. Movie-wise, there has never been anything like it — love-wise, laugh-wise or otherwise-wise! Delightfully recommended.

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