The Bourne Ultimatum ★★★★★

Truly a marvel of genre filmmaking, a masterwork of kinetic craftsmanship & a fitting conclusion to the Jason Bourne saga, The Bourne Ultimatum is a rare second sequel that works flawlessly by taking a huge leap with its premise to effortlessly surpass the towering expectations set by its much-beloved predecessors, and isn't just the finest instalment of The Bourne Trilogy but is impressive enough to qualify as one of the finest action thrillers ever made.

Picking up the storyline right where it was left off in The Bourne Supremacy before taking a six weeks leap, The Bourne Ultimatum continues the quest of Jason Bourne as he retraces his steps back to his origin with a few help along the road to guide him through but standing in his way this time is a ruthless CIA official who's willing to do anything it takes to eradicate Bourne in order to protect the secrecy of Operation BlackBriar — an upgraded version of Operation Treadstone.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, this is arguably the best work of his so-far terrific film career and presents him in complete control of every aspect of the story. The screenplay is a gem in itself, for the plot is very tightly structured from start to finish and smartly ties up all the loose ends to conclude the trilogy on a highly satisfying note. And further enhancing the overall experience is the remarkable balance between its moments of action & drama, both executed to near-perfection.

Cinematography employs Greengrass' signature use of handheld camerawork to full potential which in turn makes the action sequences all the more intense by adding a frenetic energy to it. Editing is carried out in a furious manner too, for the plot is ferociously paced. And John Powell's score once again infuses flavours of its own to further intensify the entertainment with Moby's "Extreme Ways" once again serving as an icing on what is an already delicious cake.

Coming to the performances, Matt Damon finally gives us the most complete rendition of Jason Bourne which, when blended with Damon's infectious screen presence & strong performance, also turns this quintessential assassin into one of contemporary cinema's most iconic figures. Supporting cast chips in with commendable performances too amongst which David Strathairn & Joan Allen stand out in their given roles of Noah Vosen & Pamela Landy, respectively.

On an overall scale, The Bourne Ultimatum is a powerful blend of kinetic direction, taut screenplay, dynamic photography, tight editing, breakneck pace, electric score, thrilling action & stellar performances, and is stronger, faster & better than its predecessors in almost every department. Exciting, entertaining & immensely rewarding, The Bourne Ultimatum sets a new bar for action thrillers to follow and, along with earlier instalments, makes for one of cinema's greatest motion picture trilogies.

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