The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest ★★★★

A smart, sophisticated & skilfully structured mystery thriller that utilises its genre elements to great effect, The Invisible Guest (also known as Contratiempo) comes jam-packed with an endless barrage of twists n turns, and is a thoroughly riveting cinematic ride from the get-go.

Written & directed by Oriol Paulo, the events are narrated in a manner that only amplifies our interest as plot progresses, and though Paulo attempts to throw us off the curve several times with never-ending twists, he is still aware of where to draw the line and not derail everything.

What begins as a simple exercise in witness preparation escalates into something more personal as we dive into the events that led to this particular moment. Each new perspective unearths new details, and it compels us to start playing detective by trying to connect the dots & solve the mystery.

The neat production design, polished camerawork & slick editing work in harmony to give the whole production a sophisticated touch n feel. Performances are good enough to stay out of complaint zone. The score shines best in the final moments, which in itself is immensely satisfying in retrospect and aptly ties up all loose ends.

Overall, The Invisible Guest flirts with the absurd at times and takes slight leeway with the plot to make itself work but the journey is worth it. A thrilling, suspenseful & consistently engaging example of its genre that only gets better & more involving with time, and finally concludes with a thumping finale, Oriol Paulo's sophomore feature comes definitely recommended.

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