Toy Story ★★★★★

Making history at the rate of 24 frames per second throughout its 81 minutes of runtime, Pixar Animation Studios' feature film debut is one of the greatest filmmaking achievements that didn't just transform the entire animation industry into what it is today with its groundbreaking computer animation but also set a whole new standard for its genre with its inventive storytelling, thus instantly cementing its place in the annals of cinema.

The first fully computer-animated feature-length film in cinema history, Toy Story follows the adventures of a group of toys belonging to a young kid named Andy but mainly focuses on the relationship between Andy's long-time favourite toy Woody; a cowboy doll & his latest birthday gift that turns out to be Buzz Lightyear; an action figure who's unaware that he's a toy but nevertheless threatens Woody's long-held position.

Directed by John Lasseter, Toy Story introduces its animation studio on a grand note for it brims with originality, creativity, imagination, passion & innovation from start to finish and marks the biggest leap for its medium since Walt Disney's Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs surfaced on the film canvas back in 1937. But what makes it one of the best animated films of all time is its seamless blend of sophisticated storytelling with state-of-the-art animation.

The screenplay is an absolute gem for the plot is tightly knitted, makes excellent use of wit & is inhabited by a colourful set of characters who exhibit a stunning level of depth in their respective arcs. Its make-believe world is extremely convincing, the references n homages to earlier classics is tastefully carried out, the relationship between kids & their toys is nailed to perfection and it also manages to address its themes with effortless finesse.

Adding more heart n soul to its characters are the talented voices behind it spearheaded by Tom Hanks & Tim Allen who infuse life into Woody & Buzz Lightyear respectively plus their on-screen chemistry is absolutely fantastic. Cinematography is expertly carried out, pacing is very brisk for the film never loses momentum & keeps getting better as plot progresses while Randy Newman's music instills an immense feeling of joy, warmth & wonder with its adventurous tracks.

And then of course there is the revolutionary 3D animation that marked the dawn of a new era in animation which soon went on to completely re-invent its medium. It may not look as spellbinding today as it did back in 1995 but its influence on film, technology, video games & even computer graphics ever since cannot be understated, nor can be denied the role it played in the rise of new animation studios which ultimately put its medium in the same league that other genres have enjoyed since the beginning.

On an overall scale, Toy Story is a magical blend of kinetic direction, smart screenplay, rich characters, ideal voice cast, dynamic camera-work, terrific editing & heartwarming score that's freshly envisioned, ingeniously composed & gorgeously animated. A masterwork of jaw-dropping quality refined to perfection that triumphs in all aspects, Toy Story marks a significant moment in cinema for it marks the arrival of what would later become arguably the most acclaimed as well as critically & commercially excelling film studio of our time. Strongly recommended.