Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Intense, captivating & bolstered by a tough-as-nails showcase from Jason Statham, Wrath of Man is a riveting action-thriller featuring top-grade execution in all aspects and is a marvellous piece of genre filmmaking through n through. Gripping from the get go and unyielding in its intensity from start to finish, the film is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense delight that delivers the goods, and then some.

Co-written, produced & directed by Guy Ritchie (Locks, Snatch & The Gentlemen), the premise is simple & familiar and the execution brims with director's trademarks yet it looks & feels surprisingly different from his body of work but in an invigorating way. Ritchie's mature & serious approach here helps sustain the tension & mystery with ease, and it is further elevated by its brooding atmosphere & terrific score.

The plot takes its time to reveal itself and the mysteriousness of the lead character is what keeps things intriguing until then. There are multiple storylines as expected but they all tie up to deliver a fitting & satisfying finale. The violence is ruthless and the bare-knuckled brutality leaves its bruises. Yet it is the excellent cast that impresses most, with Jason Statham delivering his finest performance in years and Scott Eastwood supporting with a menacing input.

Overall, Wrath of Man is a solidly crafted, expertly executed & strongly acted genre offering that strips out all it can do without to give its viewers a thrill ride that sustains their interest with effortless ease. It's as simple & straightforward as it gets yet there is a style, suave & sophistication to it that makes it stand out. In short, the fourth collaboration between Ritchie & Statham presents both men in prime form, and is one of their career-best works, both together & individually. Highly recommended.

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