Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★★

When Zack announced this was his next project I was filled with such joy seeing this creative powerhouse tackle the zombie genre again, firstly with the outstanding remake of Dawn of the dead, I knew we would get something special but my word this was incredible.

Zombies for me very much like vampires have been mined to death and put in such sub par fair of late and it’s great to see such an evolution of the creature here. Zack understands genre better than anyone he gives you everything you want from a heist movie and a zombie movie but gives you things that you’d never dreamt of and that’s what makes Zack special. What I loved the most is the connection you have to all of the characters but the fact he’s willing to take them away from you and the ending to this is up there with some of the finest horror films of the 70s/80s I’ve ever seen, you’ll understand when you see it. 

The aesthetic of the film is outstanding as with all of the other films it has a Terence Malick happy hour feel to many of the shots and the camera work is superb! Whilst there was one subplot I didn’t connect to as strongly I can say this is a filmmaker unchained giving you everything here and I’m excited to see all of the related content coming our way and whatever Zack does next, there’s a passion and intensity here that makes this truly special I’m hoping we can get a physical media release of this somewhere down the line as id love to have this pride of place in my collection

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