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  • Snowpiercer



    Bonghive vibes during the COVID times!!
    Bong’s first English-speaking film is filled with an incredible & unflinching train allegory about the class system that exists in societies, unforgettably painful images throughout the entire train track, & an illustration of a bleak world & the courageous ones who dare to make a change.
    Bong may hate the class system more than anyone but my GOSH does he make the most fantastic films about them!! 
    I’m pretty sure the protein bars were a low-key metaphor…

  • Rush



    Ford v. Ferrari but imagine a more intense rivalry, a gorgeous 70’s saturated tint to everything, & Thor as a race car driver. 
    The foil between Daniel Bruhl & Chris Hemsworth is outstanding & keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time as they go from dangerous race to race & life-changing events.
    Why am I so surprised that Ron Howard made Rush?? I guess the better question is when is he making another compelling drama like Rush again??

  • Hook



    Hook is yet another entry being crossed off of my “Movies I Totally Saw at Least 50% of During Childhood but Never the Full Thing” list!
    I mean it was fine & fun but do not let it distract you from the fact that the 2003 Peter Pan adaptation is the best & most incredibly underrated telling of this story ok bye got to go watch that beautiful masterpiece.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Rewatching this has proven to me that:
    Nothing will beat this career-defining & incredible performance by Robert Pattinson.
    Nothing will beat this as my favorite film from the Safdie Brothers. (Thnx for the stress as always) 
    Nothing will beat the thick & cringeworthy tension in this cinematic panic attack.
    And absolutely nothing will beat me from looking at a Sprite bottle the same ever again.
    Thanks for being a powerhouse mark on the 2010 indie film scene Good Time love u always!!

  • Purple Rain

    Purple Rain


    The music in Purple Rain is unsurprisingly the shimmering crown jewel in this very thin & flat-acted movie. God bless Prince & his incredible music; a true music icon!

  • Krisha



    Krisha feels like Trey Edward Shults invited you to his family’s Thanksgiving & forgot to warn you about his absent & unpredictable mother who is about to punch the entire audience in the heart. 
    This movie has an incredible indie grassroots foundation that makes me respect it a million times more! Shults using his mom’s house for filming & having almost all family & friends act in it provides authenticity for a story about family coming together for the holidays. 
    The acting from everyone…

  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6


    Big Hero 6 rises as one of the more solid films in the 2010’s Disney animated film crop by oozing a scientifically-superhero hybrid imagination while crafting an up-to-Disney-standard heartfelt story. 
    Already have San Fransokyo down on my traveling bucket list & my own adorable personal Baymax on my wishlist!

  • Cloverfield



    There are films I consider to be more so experiences than art, & does Cloverfield give its audience the experience of a monstrous lifetime!
    Effective found-footage movies terrify me (I couldn’t sleep after watching The Blair Witch Project) & it has to do with the imperfect realism displayed by the characters, shooting style, & missing pivotal elements of a movie such as score & clean editing. 
    Cloverfield does not have the most likable characters or steadiest camerawork but that is what makes it an…

  • I Still Believe

    I Still Believe


    Coronavirus can’t catch me if I have the power of God AND Christian movie anime on MY side!! 
    K.J. Apa plays the ultimate worship major & the romance between him & Britt Robertson is a classic Christian college relationship (completely brought me back to my Christian college years y’all).
    Their chemistry is sweet & genuine while the movie gives off huge A Walk to Remember vibes.
    Besides them no one else is developed or has a lot to work with so it’s a…

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame


    Hunchback is one of Disney’s darkest films to date & it boasts this with stunning hand-drawn animation, very underrated dramatic musical numbers, & genuine empathy & investment in both the characters & story.
    Just wanted to give my man Quasi a hug the entire time this precious bean really went through it!
    Esmerelda danced so every other Disney leading lady could merely tap their feet do not question me on this. 
    It will always be a mystery to me that this is rated G…

  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins


    Really am loving shortening my “Movies I Totally Saw at Least 50% of During Childhood but Never the Full Thing” list!
    Mary Poppins is an utter delight, and the whole world already knows this!
    Julie Andrews is a witty & charismatic powerhouse & no one can top her gorgeous voice! 
    The iconic musical numbers in this movie emulate the statement, “This is the magic of Disney!”. 
    Scratch that, the entire film shimmered with Disney Magic, & that is why it is considered the classic it is today!

  • Onward



    A tender & vivid tale of brotherly love with a plentiful dash of Medieval Times & 2009 gamer culture. 
    Disney please make more original & lively films like this for the rest of the decade & no more live-action remakes k bye.