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  • Tone-Deaf



    I'm a fan of Excision and I really liked Trash Fire, but this bomb makes me want to revisit both with a suspicious eye because, frankly, this was pathetic.

  • Parasite



    Parasite is hilarious, something I wasn't expecting but needs to be said before anything else I think. My theater was regularly cracking up for most of the run time, and I'm pretty sure everyone there had a good time. Also deeply sad and thrilling by turns, this is a well told, and incredibly entertaining story that works on a lot of levels. It comments on class, desperation, and the ways money gets in the way of morality, but it doesn't…

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  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak


    Oh, no
    That ghoul is pretty wild now
    (The ghoul's a castle freak)
    The kind of ghoul you read about
    (In new-wave magazines)
    That ghoul is pretty kinky
    (The ghoul's a castle freak)
    He'd really love to taste her
    (Every time they meet)
    He's all right, he's all right
    That ghoul's all right
    With me, yeah
    Hey, hey, hey-heeeey

    He's a castle freak, castle freak
    He's castle-freaky, yow

  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy


    I've always held the belief that this was one of Sandler's legitimately good movies. I no longer hold that belief. It's no Wedding Singer. But maybe the Wedding Singer is no Wedding Singer. I'm almost afraid to go and re-watch that one now. Not that I was under any illusion in the first place that Big Daddy was a great movie (I had it rated three stars), but this was much worse than I remembered. It's funny how our memory…