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  • Next Gen

    Next Gen


    I babysat for my brother the other day and he threw on Transformers to distract the kiddos before he left. Apparently they really like their "rooobots!". But a second after the door shut behind my brother his five year old informed me that these are not the robots they like. They like Next Gen. Okay, I said, let's check out Next Gen. The kids indeed loved it, especially Mai's loyal little doggy that can somehow communicate with the robots. Next…

  • The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles


    Watched with my nieces and nephew. The kids loved it, and the other adults and I were mildly into it. Not bad. Kurt Russell is awesome as usual, which helps a lot. The jailhouse rock scene was a crowd-pleaser.

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  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak


    Oh, no
    That ghoul is pretty wild now
    (The ghoul's a castle freak)
    The kind of ghoul you read about
    (In new-wave magazines)
    That ghoul is pretty kinky
    (The ghoul's a castle freak)
    He'd really love to taste her
    (Every time they meet)
    He's all right, he's all right
    That ghoul's all right
    With me, yeah
    Hey, hey, hey-heeeey

    He's a castle freak, castle freak
    He's castle-freaky, yow

  • Dagon



    I'm fairly surprised that this movie isn't more of a cult classic. It's got all the makings of one, what with some out of the blue funny moments, some cheesy one-liners, and a few notably shocking scenes.

    It's extremely effective at setting a mood that grips you early on and sets up a very menacing feel to the rest of the movie. Like Stuart Gordon's "Castle Freak", I was once again very pleasantly surprised by how genuinely creepy this was.…