The Siege of Firebase Gloria ★★★½

Let me start this off with one reason you should give this a shot. It STARS R. Lee Ermey. He's not just featured, he's the main attraction. Thus we get loads of awesome dialogue like this bit, where he's talking to his men before the first wave of enemy troops arrive, and of course he's doing it in his usual drill sergeant style delivery:

"A little religious communication might not be a bad idea at this stage of the game. Now myself, I don't take any chances. I talk to Muhammad, Buddha, Mr. Jesus H. Christ, and any other religious honchos I can come up with. There is no sense staying as an atheist in a combat situation."

This movie by Brian Trenchard-Smith is about a siege on a tiny, forgotten outpost in Vietnam during the start of the Tet Offensive. It's really well done, which surprised me knowing the director's roots are in cheesy, Australian exploitation movies. Now, there's certainly a little cheese on the menu here, especially in the Wings Hauser performance. But it's basically just one big battle, and for the most part it's really compelling stuff. I also appreciated that it's a war movie with a running time of just an hour and forty minutes. Definitely worth seeking this one out.