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  • Killing Spree

    Killing Spree

    HOOPTOBER 2022 - Night 3, Film 5:

    Killing Spree (1987, dir. Tim Ritter)


    Alright, so I know I’m in for a cheapo-sleazo time here - an SOV horror about a guy who’s screwdrivin’ the folks he even thinks might be screwing his wife (and then they apparently come back as ghosts or zombies or something!?!) - but I think that’s just the mood I’m in. My favorite bit of info so far is from IMDB’s violence descriptors: "multiple murders with lots…

  • The House That Dripped Blood

    The House That Dripped Blood

    HOOPTOBER 2022 - Night 1, Film 3:

    The House That Dripped Blood (1971, dir. Peter Duffell)


    Another VHS cover I remember from my horror section browsing days at Coconuts, this one featuring the severed head of Peter Cushing! I love macabre images like that on posters and in cover art (and especially the tease that it might be a spoiler).

    I always assumed The House That Dripped Blood - what a great title, by the way - was either about a…

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  • Spirit of the Raped

    Spirit of the Raped

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    HOOPTOBER 2022 - Night 7, Film 12:

    Spirit of the Raped (索命) (1976, dir. Kuei Chih-Hung)


    "Some people kill people for money. Some people are so generous."

    She’s pregnant and happy, in love and talking the 5-year plan with her hubby.

    Her lover is then killed right in front of her by one of a group of thugs robbing a city bus, the blood from his throat spraying onto her face.

    She’s devastated, and immediately plunges into a deep depression.…

  • Alison's Birthday

    Alison's Birthday

    HOOPTOBER 2022 - Night 7, Film 11:

    Alison’s Birthday (1981, dir. Ian Coughlan)


    Here is an example of a film that treads the very fine line between being utterly predictable and still somehow also surprising with slight tweaks. It doesn’t quite upend or deviate from convention, or really stray too far from what we know will happen (except maybe for the twist in the last 5 minutes, and damn that final moment is a great one), but it’s made so…

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  • Blood Feast

    Blood Feast

    HOOPTOBER 2022 - Night 1, Film 1:

    I’m starting my October viewings a few days early again this year, as I’ve once again compiled a massive list of titles that’s exceeded a total of 50. Dang. Most thrillingly, this October is dedicated solely to fresh celluloid meat, a large chunk of which is occupied by films with VHS covers I loved as a kid but never actually got around to watching.


    Blood Feast (1963, dir. Herschell Gordon Lewis)



  • X


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    X (2022, dir. Ti West)

    I was so looking forward to Ti West’s X, a film it seemed I would surely instinctually respond to: a gritty ‘70s horror throwback about a group of amateur pornographers being terrorized on a rural Texas homestead. The trailer was excellent, the look and feel exactly the vibe I was hoping for when I read the synopsis. Director Ti West impressed me before with another throwback picture: his gorgeous and terrifying slow burn occult horror, The House of…