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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    2015 has been a huge year for blockbuster movies. We saw the Avengers unite against another threat, John Hammond's dream of a dinosaur theme park finally become a reality, two Pixar films, went on another mission with James Bond and watch Katniss Everdeen riding out into the sunset. But even they couldn't compare to what was to come just a week before Christmas. Among the movies of 2015, the most talked about and anticipated of them all is Star Wars…

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


    In 2012, audiences were introduced to a film that brought in another franchise that came from the pages of a book. That was The Hunger Games, which was about teenagers who were put into a background and force them to kill each other as well as trying to survive in the environment until only one was remaining. It proved a success with critics and audiences thanks to the story, action, and particularly the singled out performance of rising star Jennifer…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Acclaimed director David Fincher returns with another masterpiece. David Fincher has made plenty of great films over the years like Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network and the American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. His newest film is the mystery thriller Gone Girl, based on the book written by Gillian Flynn (who also pens the screenplay). Most of the time, Oscar worthy films usually don't appear until November and December. However, we have three that have plenty…

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


    While Robert Rodriguez is mostly know these days for making plenty of kids films like the Spy Kid movies, he had also done his own fair share of ultra-violent fare. His most significant work to come from these films was 2005's Sin City, which is an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novels of the same name. Shot in black and white and done in a narrative structure similar to Pulp Fiction (different stories not told in chronological order), Sin City…