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  • Secret Sunshine

    Secret Sunshine


    A complex portrait of grief as well as a deeply critical take on the way people use faith and the way religion uses people.

  • The Warped Ones

    The Warped Ones


    Anger, a frantic jazz score and impeccable camera work create one of best studies of amorality and disaffected youth I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Godard was the Kurahara of the West.

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    "I don't remember" 

    Intimate in tone yet cosmic in scope. Profound yet comic. Quiet but full of meaning. David Lowery has created a near perfect cinematic experience utilizing visuals not volume. He accomplished this with lingering shots, long takes, a judicious use of words and an actor in a plain white sheet. Not many directors can claim that they created an existential cinematic triumph with so little but Lowery most certainly can.

    Ranked #1 in 2017 Ranked

  • Arrival



    Ostensibly a "first contact" sci-fi film that is actually a rejection of a zero-sum society (:cough: Donald Trump :cough:) and an embrace of empathy, understanding and existential humanism.

    While such a description may make this film seem large and impersonal, it is in fact the exact opposite - personal and cathartic.

    Probably one of the best movies of the year, if not the last couple of years.