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  • What Dreams May Come
  • Six-String Samurai
  • The American Astronaut
  • V for Vendetta

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  • Last Ones Out

  • The Humans


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  • Last Ones Out

    Last Ones Out

    Not even in Africa can we get a zombie movie with a black lead. It takes 20min for them to get out of the hospital and most of that is just establishing the supporting cast. The lead is wholly unlikable, at one point unnecessarily sympathetic to the female lead that it must be hard not to see other white people... in rural Africa.
    However, Africans are holding out on us - this man receives an appendectomy with zero sanitation and…

  • The Humans

    The Humans

    I thought this was a horror film as the set grows tighter and tighter and the creaks and bumps of living stacked on top of one another become ever more sinister. I waited for something terrible to happen to this little family and I forgave their foibles and bickering in anticipation of how they'd ultimately band together to fight off whatever supernatural foe crept just outside their door. I appreciated the reference to zombies in media as a wink to…

Popular reviews

  • Black Water: Abyss

    Black Water: Abyss

    Five totally uninjured, well prepared spelunkers prove no match for one crafty crocodile which seems to never get full despite snacking on quite a few bodies. It's better if you play the crocodile theme music from Disney's Peter Pan during all the tense scenes where they're waiting for the croc to show.

  • Secret Smile

    Secret Smile

    "Well... it's beautiful. I was just thinking... I've come in that mouth."