Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

I am in love with this film, in the most batshit-craziest way possible.
This film breaks away from the politically charged Captain America, Iron Man, Avenger films, falling into a dizzying 80's fiery trash dimension.

Chris Hemsworth gives his best performance as Thor yet, balancing almost child-like endearing grins, one-liners, and welcomes then to ultimate badass, God of Hammer-sorry Thunder, no, sorry "Seductive God of Thunder!", who - like Captain America with his shield - proves that he is just as powerful - if not more so - without his hammer.

The rest of the cast, Hiddleston, Thompson, Ruffalo, Goldblum, Blanchett, Urban, Waititi, all give such hilarious but ass-kicking performances, with clear and character defining moments to shine, you couldn't call them just a "supporting cast".

The feel of this film is similar to that of GOTG Vol. 2, but Taika Waititi takes it to that extra level of pure wildness, mixing neons and 80's 8-Bit soundtrack, countless hilarious one-liners, but also visually beautiful scenery that is so action-packed, it couldn't be any series other than Marvel's Avengers.

Taika has brought something hilarious and smart, yet so wacky it absolutely works. It's a pulsating shot of vibrancy and humour into Marvel's Avenger's grim phase, a break of tension between Civil War and Infinity War, the ultimate showdown of what's to come. Thor Ragnarok, roks.

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