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  • Daguerrotype



    F/B+/D (foolish plot and character decisions squander interesting themes shown with amazing technique)

    Country: Japan; Director: Kyoshi Kurosawa; Starring: Tahar Rahim(from "A Prophet", Matthew Almaric (from "Roman Polanski's stunt double")

    Synopsis: A young man needing work becomes an apprentice to a photographer obsessed with using the daguerrotype - a method where people hold a position for hours to get an ultra-pure image.

    Some primitive tribes resisted having their photographs taken, as they felt that it would steal their souls. The…

  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    B+/B/A-/A+/A (Entertaining crime drama with a great humanity under a deep, dark outlook)

    "What'll you not be having?"

    That's asked by a waitress in "Hell or High Water" to her customers, and it's a very appropriate question, as its implications hang over every character and action in this story. Rarely has any movie, much less a cops-and-robbers tale, been so sharply defined by things that are lacking, and tied it so well to a abscence felt in society today. The…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl



    With "Gone Girl", David Fincher returns to his interests in Surface Tensions - not in superficiality per se, but rather how the presentation of people's fears, desires, and ideas are taken more seriously, given more weight, than the flawed humans performing them. What happens when an imperfect person or relationship is put under continual public scrutiny, and what lengths must a person go to overcome it? The question is treated in a much more pulpy and humorous manner than…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas



    This could be the "Vertigo" of road movies - a melancholy look at a how a genre can invoke a lost past which questions the value and motivations of that genre at the same time.

    For one thing, it starts with no road at all. Though one might exist in the head of Travis, the main character - he's always moving in a straight direction within the frame, and his encounters with both roads and other people are both…