Girlhood ★★★★★

There are a myriad of ways in which this is a better film than the more critically acclaimed Boyhood. I would make cases about this, but the I think we all know the real reason why this was not more well received and that has a lot to do with those writing reviews and how they might have been more inclined to inherently 'empathize' with a narrative like Boyhood. What Girlhood does though is offer an, at times, brutally honest look at the life of Parisian immigrants of color, specifically, girls and ask what mobility they can affect within their layers of inaccessibility to social spaces. Alternatively, a film like Boyhood rests on its laurels and is just like...childhood is complex when adults make it that way. Girlhood would argue that that is a deeply privilege worldview and that often times children are forced to step into that space in a very real and at times challenging way.