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  • Amélie




    Just fabulous. Heartwarming, funny, inspiring. Well directed, well shot and I LOVE the soundtrack. There’s so much energy pulsating through the film, and the story truly comes alive through its visual style.
    The character of Amelie on paper is just recipe for disaster, but the writing and Audrey Tatou’s make her relatable and down to earth while still retaining that inspiring magic quality of hers that makes her so unearthly. And this film is just as much about Amelie…

  • The Game

    The Game


    The best movie with the worst ending.

    Okay but to be fair, aspects of this film got better and worse on a rewatch. It’s still exhilarating, intriguing, and incredible well made. The opening 30 minutes were kinda rough and the ending was too big of a tonal change to work but I really liked pretty much everything else in the film. 

    The film can of course probably fall in we scrutiny, but still it feels like you can never be…

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  • Megan Is Missing

    Megan Is Missing


    Not Gen Z TikTok users thinking this is Scary /Disturbing/Real/honest/a good portrayal of these situations/made for awareness and not personal validation/good in any fucking way at all, just one iota 🙈

    Out of all the films to blow up from tiktok, THIS is the one??? From a supposed “big horror buff”??? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? This manipulative, exploitative garbage that doesn’t have one ounce of good filmmaking?


  • Tenet



    Mission Impossible meets Casino Royale, Oceans Eleven and Primer. If that sounds promising to you, then you’re gonna have a blast - I sure as hell did.

    I did not expect this to be this good. Okay negatives first: the pacing of the first act is a little clunky, Kenneth Branagh’s motivation is a bit dumb (though I feel like Nolan knows that), there are also some very minor plot holes that took me out of the movie, some of…