All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film ½

Thought about stirring up some controversy so eh why not 

This sucked balls on every aspect. Bad music aside with subpar vocals and cheesy lyricism, the actual “film” isn’t worth much either with its mediocre presentation and second grade visual storytelling. The one spoken segment in the middle is the character named Her (yes, HER) throwing a tantrum because He (yes, HE) didn’t act exactly how she wanted him to act at like some fucking house party and it’s childish and annoying. The rest of the short is also painfully one sided and obvious but Taylor Swift fans have been consuming mediocre/bad content for more than a decade now so not surprised this has 5 stars all over the place. 

It’s literally been 10 years now since they broke up and their relationship was only for 3 months they barely fucking broke the dating stage please Taylor and Taylor fans just get the fuck over it already, this song lasts longer than the relationship did.

Edit: truly bizarre watching this a day after I watched the souvenir part 2, a genuinely poignant examination of a terrible relationship to a terrible man that is still not a one sided platitude, plus the guy in it is actually terrible and the woman in the relationship is deeply relatable and sympathetic not like the attention seeking child of this “film”

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