The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★

The second best film I’ve watched today. 

Ok I’m only (half) kidding (actually not kidding at all but whatevs).

This film’s incredible mise en scene by the master Park Chan wook combined with his incredible writing and exemplary editing choices make for such a one of a kind experience that once feels familiar and fresh all the same. A wholly original story expertly told without falling into the traps that many of its kind have fallen into. Beautiful portrayal of the female gaze and the ending is just absolutely magnificent - the mere symbol of an object used to inflict pain turned into an object of pleasure is so damn powerful. Not sure if the 10 will stay as the film gets a little messy in its third act and loses me slightly for a very short while, but the artistry on display here more than earns such praise.

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