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LYNCHPINS: The Essential Films of David Lynch at Cinema Nova

Enter the dreams of a master surrealist with: LYNCHPINS: Essential David Lynch at Cinema Nova. Commencing with the fully restored INLAND EMPIRE on August 3 and running through September, Nova presents a fresh retrospective of must-see works across Lynch’s immensely influential filmography.

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to me this is both a riff on THIEF and Fincher's follow-up to DRAGON TATTOO: a bleak and ice-cold dive into the depths of capital's evil. he's teasing apart the flimsy digital surveillance infrastructure that has infiltrated it's way into more and more aspects of our lives, making it impossible for anyone to hide, whether a hitman or a billionaire. this is also part and parcel with both the casualisation of work and the 24/7 connection we are all forced…

i watched this in a theatre with 1 other old guy and it was EXACTLY what i was hoping for. Beautifully grimy 70s NYC, moody lighting, sweaty shitbag cops, Al Pacino in the greatest fits known to mankind going THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEMS CORRUPT over and over... masterpiece

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

I haven’t thought about a review for so long before writing in a while. Lots to think about.

I believe there’s skill in restraint and barely any movies should make it out of the edit with a runtime over 180 minutes / This movie tells an important story that should not be whittled down.

Lily Gladstone’s Mollie Burkhart was easily the most interesting and electric part of this story and her voice should have been the anchor / Martin Scorsese…




                          and what I want to know is
how do you like your blue-eyed boy
Mister Death

There’s probably not a lot I can say about this that hasn’t already been said, and I am very late to the party (worth waiting to get the cinema all to myself 😇), but wow. I am sure I will be thinking about this for a while yet.
I think this…

i interviewed new Letterboxd member Martin Scorsese about the films that informed Killers of the Flower Moon, and what’s more, i managed to not pass away while doing it. full 11-minute video here, deep-dive article here, and his official list of 59 companion pictures to his entire filmography (which he overcame his fear of e-mails to send to us) is here. i cannot believe i got to type all of that, and that i got to press post, and that the links…

I will NOT leave my donkey outside when I’m sad




if aftersun and the florida project had a cute little baby