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  • Memoryland




    There's particular shot about 20 minutes into it of a funeral alter without any picture of the deceased that I thought perfectly capture the entire premise of the film. The staple treatment of signs and symbols in arthouse cinema as the overbearing crux of a film's recurrrent themes is here central to film's storytelling method, as the process of unbecoming by death in the film are often depicted by a metamorphosis of the physical bodies into inanimated objects and…

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    I'm gonna write a best-selling book about how my friend once left me hanging at a party and how we had an argument about it afterward vis-a-vis Booksmart style. It's gonna get so popular that my fans are gonna go out of their way to harrass him for a whole week, and also something about him still having my 50 Cent CD I left at his parents house to remind his broke ass that he's still on welfare

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  • Nomadland



    Return to nature = Nostalgia for pre-2008 neoliberalism

    An apolitical political film that camouflages itself behind the facade of working-class representation to evade from prensenting any meaningful structural critique of American capitalism as it continually dog-whistle to corporatism as the preferred staple of rural prosperity by somehow equivalising its nostalgia for pre-2008 neoliberalism to the film's transcendentalist doctrine of returning to nature. And in its boutique brand of modern Hollywood commodification, subsequently abandons all interests in the economically marginalized as…

  • Dad, I'm Sorry

    Dad, I'm Sorry

    Just come here to say fuck Phê Phim

    Edit: watched it, and oh lord it's so much worse than I expected

    A few initial thoughts, it sucks, as expected. Also as expected, it's another one of those exorbitant vanity projects that's so self-obssesed with its leading man's public image that it's unable divorce the character of Ba Sang from Trấn Thành as a public figure. An entire ensemble cast is essentially reduced to the barest minimum to serve as narrative…