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  • Detention



    What the f*** is this movie??!?
    I found myself saying that literally out loud at several points throughout Detention.

    Remember Sucker Punch? A movie that seemed to have been written based on the random doodles from the back of a 13 year-old's school folder, combining dragons, machine guns, martial arts, steampunk, robots, samurai, fighter planes, and hot chicks? Detention is a movie made with that same blender mentality, throwing everything in and hoping what comes out is palatable. It's a…

  • Scream


    While the horror genre thrived in the 80's with the Freddy/Jason-type unstoppable killer movies, the whole genre was pretty much dying in the 90's. Scream came along in 1996 and not only reinvigorated the genre, but completely reinvented it. Wildly popular (and deservedly so) at the time, its reputation has since been tarnished as it often gets lumped in with the countless wanna-bes and knock-offs that followed, including its own relatively inferior sequels. But this was a great horror flick…

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  • You Can't Run Away from It

    You Can't Run Away from It


    As a very faithful remake of It Happened One Night, it maintains much of the original's charm, and Jack Lemmon does an especially good job filling in Clark Gable's shoes.

    It's the decision to turn this into a musical that drags it down. The few musical numbers are completely unnecessary and largely forgettable. Skip through those and you'll probably enjoy it more.

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    * Why does everyone in this movie walk around with their phone flashlights on to see in front of them AND their bright blank screens on illuminating their own faces?
    A) It's pointless, B) It would kill your battery even faster, and C) a light pointed at your face would actually make it HARDER for you to see in the dark.

    * The very ending earned it an extra half-star, so at least I left on a positive note. Until…

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  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    There's a part of this film where Carrey talks about how Universal decided at that time they didn't want to allow any of this behind-the-scenes material to surface "so that people wouldn't think I was an asshole."

    Well, almost 20 years later it finally surfaced, and Universal was right.

    This documentary just made me see Carrey as a completely obnoxious person to work with. He already seemed liked someone who would be a bit much to tolerate, but his behavior…

  • Not Okay

    Not Okay


    I was conflicted about watching this film. I love Zoey Deutch, and I like Dylan O'Brien, but there may be no one I have less respect and more disdain for in the world than "social media celebrities" and "influencers".
    Luckily this film portrays them as the shallow, pathetic people they are.

    The film is pretty good. Definitely more dramatic than was expecting, especially in the back half, not that that's a bad thing. Zoey Deutch continues to be one of…