Eternals ★★★★


In the beginning...

I finally watched Eternals, and.....

I liked it! Can't say I understand the hate for this one. I mean, sure, it fails at trying to develop each and every character it introduces in this film but that doesn't make it a bad film.

What had me excited about watching this film was that of all things Chloe Zhao could've chosen to direct, coming off of a best director win and best picture win, she chose this, so like everyone I was excited to see why exactly she wanted to direct this project. Now I can't say this was a perfect movie, but I really enjoyed it. Like I said, it introduces all of these characters and tries to develop them, but it just didn't have time to do so. It was a 2 hour and 38 minute film, but still would've been better off as a TV show.

But dayum, the cinematography.... chef's kiss 😘! Some of the MCU's best, and the look of the film made up for the rather lackluster writing. The CGI looks stunning, especially in the third act. The explosions, the superpowers, the celestials... everything looks amazing. The characters aren't necessarily developed well, but for the most part they are all likable and still enjoyable characters to watch.

I understand some arguments about Eternals, but I don't understand the hate for the film. I really enjoyed it even with its long run time, and I think it lands in the middle of my MCU ranking.

Oh and it was really confusing how they kept changing what century the film took place in 😭😭😭

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