Blade: Trinity ★½

It’s not surprising to hear about the turmoil on set centering around director David S. Goyer - that conflict shows in the movie. The script is complicated for no reason. The editing is horrible. The action just simply isn’t fun.

Every actor looks miserable to be there, none more so than Kris Kristofferson who probably didn’t expect a third movie to ever exist. Ryan Reynolds’ smart-mouth banter falls particularly flat since we now HAVE to compare it to his work in DEADPOOL, where he actually gets FUNNY material to deliver. Gifted comedic actors abound but are rarely given anything to do but die (Patton Oswalt, Natasha Lyonne, John Michael Higgins). The movie works best when it plays to the strengths of the cast. Standouts include Parker Posey and, surprisingly, Triple H.

Wesley Snipes shades fail to hide his disdain for everything going on around him. Reportedly he refused to leave his trailer and communicated with the director via post-it notes.

It just goes to show - if you want to make a BLADE movie you’d better have Wesley Snipes on your side. He really does seem to care about the franchise. The same can’t be said for David Goyer.