First Man ★★★★

The most intense and engrossing depiction of space travel I’ve ever seen. It’s shocking that the first two instances of space travel (the opening low orbit jet flight and Gemini mission) are the standouts and not the moon landing itself. But I suspect that’s part of the point - the incremental experience gained from all the previous missions paved the way.

I can’t say for sure if the chalkboard scene is a direct reference to A TRIP TO THE MOON, but that’s all I could think about :)

Ryan Gosling seems to be building a career portraying characters who hold their emotion below the surface (BLADE RUNNER 2049, for instance). He does a great job here, but I’m not betting on him for any awards. Same goes for Claire Foy, who is wonderful but must play a character who serves to accentuate Armstrong’s faults and insecurities rather than developing beyond that. Which is probably the way to go in this story, but doesn’t allow Foy to stretch as much as we know she can.