Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The only aspect which this movie disappointed was with the crappy posters. Aside from that this movie succeeds in every fashion. Like the Ant-Man movies, these Spider-Man movies are considered to be the light and fluffy MCU movies; the difference being the Spider-Man movies are actually memorable and are two-for-two in terms of providing an interesting villain. Jake Gyllenhaal deserves a lot of credit for what he brought to Mysterio and like Michael Keaton he really added weight as well as charisma to not just the character but to the story. The whole cast is great and Tom Holland proves again that he's the best live-action Spider-Man yet.

Like Homecoming I think this movie will resonate with me more and more as I continue to dwell on it, but for now I'll share a few things that stood out to me. The action was top notch. I think this movie probably exploited the web slinging abilities the best and really tapped into the suit's potential. I especially liked the sequence when Peter was developing his suit in a Tony Stark fashion. This shows me that Peter could potentially be his successor in many ways and lead us into a new era. I loved the illusions, they kind of gave off a "Scarecrow fear gas" vibe which was very effective; not to mention visually stunning. Holland and Zendaya have great chemistry and I hope this movie romance develops and goes to satisfying places.

Finally, those post credit scenes. That first one had one of the greatest cameos with J.K. Simmons…..SO happy he's back even if just for that. Then immediately after that awesome revelation Peter Parker gets outed as Spider-Man, which is a move I never thought the movies would go, so that was a very powerful cliffhanger. Lastly, the Skrulls…..I have no idea where this is going….and I can't wait. We have been spoiled with these movies and how frequently we've been getting them. I thought fatigue would have set in by now but it hasn't and I can't wait until next year for our next Marvel movie experience.

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