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  • Braveheart



    A pretty great historical fantasy epic - for the first 90 minutes. After that, not so much.

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    Tries really hard to be clever, funny and sexy all at once. I chuckled a few times and my crush on Anna Kendrick got even worse.

    Didn't care for the rest.

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  • Searching



    Execution aside, this is an average thriller at best.

    Granted, that's still a big improvement over 'just a shitty horror movie told through a computer screen', but that ain't exactly a high bar to beat.

  • Halloween



    A carefully crafted and rather brilliant homage to a horror classic that both refines and builds upon what came before.

    It's a direct continuation of the original film that nails the tone and atmosphere perfectly, offering a mix of deliberate callbacks and fresh new ideas.

    Jamie Lee Curtis makes a spectacular return as Laurie Strode, a woman who's both much tougher and considerably more vulnerable than before.

    Michael Myers has an incredibly unnerving presence. He may not make you jump…