Ari Aster went full Shyamalan real quick, huh

Where I do even start with this?

Hereditary slowly and expertly built up to a gut punch of devastating grief, anchored by a brilliant cast and a palpable sense of dread and unease - then the ending ruined it by needlessly escalating to ridiculous levels that quickly stop being shocking or unsettling.

Midsommar plays the devastating grief card right out of the gate, before there's been enough time to invest into the characters for it to connect.

Dani and Christian's unhealthy relationship is well written. Christian not telling her about the Sweden trip until the last minute and yet somehow she's the one that ends up apologising to HIM was a great scene that captures their skewed dynamic beautifully.

But then they go to Sweden and the movie becomes an absolute chore. Dreadfully dull, with the only consistent mood being unintentionally amusing.

The graphic violence and extreme gore (when they FINALLY show up) lack any impact. It almost always feels like it's there just to shock you, either by being unexpected or by being really extreme - and because of how shallow that is, it never got even a wince out of me.

Most of the time, I was straight up laughing at the gore shots.

I both wanted to see some of the characters die and wasn't satisfied when it actually happened.

The ending suffers from the exact same completely laughable and absurd escalation of CRAZY UNEXPECTED STUFF. The 'crazier' it got, the less engaging it was, because it starts to become stale and even predictable.

Also, it took so long to get there that I was more impatient that unsettled. Just get on with it, you crazy Swedes!

So the ending sucks, but unlike Hereditary, so does most of everything else too.

The acting is great across the board and it's certainly very visually arresting - but that does not save it from being incredibly boring and self-indulgent.

This might be the worst movie I've seen all year, and that's saying something in this trainwreck of a year we've been having.