The Lens: A Cinema St. Louis Podcast - 'Peppermint Frappé'

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For the latest episode of 'The Lens: A Cinema St. Louis Podcast', our critics look at Carlos Saura's little-seen psychological thriller, Peppermit Frappé (1967):

For the second Cannes Winners episode, Joshua breaks all the rules and picks Carlos Saura's psychological thriller Peppermint Frappé, a non-winner selection from the 1968 Cannes Film Festival. Victor Putinier, PhD candidate in Francophone and Cinema and Media Studies at Washington University, gives the crew a history lesson on why there was no winner at all in 1968. Before all that, Hatching, The Innocents, and Fire Island are all Now Showing. In The Rules of the Game, Kayla, Andrew, and Joshua figure how what some Cannes acting winners are Known Four. Finally, everyone has One More Thing with Nikki Glaser, Parker Posey, and Terrence Malick.

In two weeks, Andrew fast-forwards to 1986 with Roland Joffé's Palme d'Or winner The Mission, starring Robert De Niro. Please share, subscribe, and review! Follow us @stlfilmfest on Instagram/Twitter/Letterboxd and @CinemaStLouis on Facebook.

Episode 10 of "The Lens" is now available.