Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★★

I knew this would be great, and while it was that, it’s even better than I had expected. In fact, it’s excruciatingly close to a masterpiece in my mind.

I’ve been holding out on reviewing this short film as I’ve been trying to form words to fit the true nature of my thoughts on Fritz’s new picture. It’s a truly incredible work of cinema.

For a guy who’s only 20, this film is beyond impressive. It’s depressing, it’s realistic, it’s heart-wrenching, and in all this, it’s a carefully told character piece.

I’ve never been depressed before, but I felt something when Bruce destroys his wall. I’ve never been as lonely as Bruce was, but I felt something when he sat alone on the subway. This is what incredible direction and storytelling looks like. Fritz has got a real talent for displaying empathy in his characters, which is a great thing to have going.

The cinematography is beautiful. It just might be the best looking short film I’ve ever seen. The colors, the blurred backgrounds, the grittiness of New York City, it all gave the film a pleasing look that is very impressive for a short film of this nature.

The acting was also excellent all around.

Fritz, you’ve outdone yourself. If you (and I truly think you will) actually get into the Hollywood business, you might just be one of the next greats.

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