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  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    “Caustic wit. That’s my religion,” sighs Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy) during an early conversation in the new movie Can You Ever Forgive Me?.

    This one line sums up, perhaps too simplistically, the overall attitude of the movie. Lee, the epitome of the misanthropic author, seems to love only two things in the world: cats and early 20th Century celebrities. Her disdain for others has caused her to recede further into herself and into her niche work. With this distancing, her…

  • CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans

    CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans

    Bruno Dumont is a goofy, aloof, philosophical and wholly singular voice in French cinema right now, and he wields it with more things on his mind than before. The director of Ma Loute, Camille Claudel 1945, Jesus Life, to name a few, has set his cameras in the North of France, his home region – and mine – to deliver what could be described as a Pasolinian reverie, enshrined in the sand and the dialect of the region. This is…

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  • They Live

    They Live

    Since its release thirty years ago, John Carpenter’s They Live has proved irresistible to all points on the political alignment chart. They Live has lived many lives; even if you’re never worn the glasses, chances are you’ve seen the “OBEY” slogan adorned on the body of a hypebeast thanks to Shepard Fairey’s streetwear brand, or maybe you’ve seen the film’s most iconic moments reworked as memes. Though its iconography may have been appropriated by the alt-right, They Live remains one…

  • Unsane


    Unsane isn’t perfect and it doesn’t necessarily engage with the ideals of capitalism, health care and mental health that it wants to as well as it should. But there is something terrifying about its approach to a digital consciousness that feels too close to home.

    The internet came with this amazing promise of freedom and a wealth of knowledge and ideas, but in the end, it is just a toxic place filled with restrictions, handicaps and safeguards that are more crushing and consuming than we would really rather believe.