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  • Mandy


    Remember The Neon Demon?

    I feel like I owe it an apology, for this year’s version of “pretty visuals but ultimately meaningless” misery-fest was 100% a more grueling experience, exacerbated by being surrounded by an enthusiastic midnight movie audience, for whom this sort of shit just feels custom made. It’s never a fun feeling to be out of step with the majority of a crowd, but I can’t help but wonder if this would have played better for me at…

  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

    Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

    I internalized so many of those negatives messages, ones that tell me that fatness is ugliness, and ugliness is worthlessness, and worthlessness is a permanent state of being.

    It was hard not to internalize those messages: not only was I was getting them from other students, but I was getting them from the media as well. Television shows and movies always favor thinness, lighter skin, longer hair. I don’t think I have to list all of the examples: you can…

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  • Night is Short, Walk on Girl

    Night is Short, Walk on Girl

    It has become sort of a running gag with my peers that I only like movies that are depressing, violent, or somewhere in between. I like to think this isn’t true, but if you look at the movies on my shelf, most seem to fall into those categories. I have a hard time getting into most “happy” movies, as much as I hate that fact, because the sentimentality in those movies often feel overly-saccharine and unearned to me. They don’t…

  • Unsane


    Unsane isn’t perfect and it doesn’t necessarily engage with the ideals of capitalism, health care and mental health that it wants to as well as it should. But there is something terrifying about its approach to a digital consciousness that feels too close to home.

    The internet came with this amazing promise of freedom and a wealth of knowledge and ideas, but in the end, it is just a toxic place filled with restrictions, handicaps and safeguards that are more crushing and consuming than we would really rather believe.