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  • BlacKkKlansman


    Spike Lee is one of my favorite directors. I haven’t watched his entire filmography (I’ve seen 11 of his films), and a lot of the ones I have seen have conspicuous flaws--but they’re always interesting flaws. I think that an imperfect Spike Lee movie is always more exciting to watch, think about, and talk through than a more polished movie by a less ambitious filmmaker. Chi-Raq, for example, I named as my favorite film of the year back in 2015,…

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

    Despite 2018 being the year that “desktop thrillers” are officially becoming a thing, the most extremely online film of the year is surely Eighth Grade: it's directed by a former teenage YouTube celebrity, the film’s poster is obscured by an out-of-focus iPhone (mid-selfie), the first and final shots consist of MacBook Air webcam footage, and the credits play over a behind-the-glass close-up of a softly glittering LED screen. Much has been made of how Eighth Grade captures the universally-relatable awkwardness…

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  • Princess Cyd

    Princess Cyd

    Review by Naomi Sandiego

    Princess Cyd isn’t told in the story structure we’re comfortable with. It has loose ends and unanswered questions and feels more like a chapter than an entire story. But like happiness, and like fulfilment, cinema doesn’t have to stick to one recipe. And to me, this recipe turned out to be an unusual, but satisfying slice of cake.

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  • Unsane


    Unsane isn’t perfect and it doesn’t necessarily engage with the ideals of capitalism, health care and mental health that it wants to as well as it should. But there is something terrifying about its approach to a digital consciousness that feels too close to home.

    The internet came with this amazing promise of freedom and a wealth of knowledge and ideas, but in the end, it is just a toxic place filled with restrictions, handicaps and safeguards that are more crushing and consuming than we would really rather believe.