Ocean's Eight

There’s something performatively progressive about the concept of an all-female reboot.

On one hand, it’s easy to champion. Progress is seen through the results, and there is something concrete and worthy about seeing eight female names gracing the top of the Ocean’s 8 poster rather than eight male names. That time happened, and we had fun, but on to something new.

On another hand, the gesture is also a little empty.

Let’s back up.

Reboots in general are a sinister business. Faithful penance to the established canon is paramount while dollars and returns dictate the necessity to return back to the known property more than anything the narrative could do. It wouldn’t seem that hard then to return to the series of Ocean’s movies, which began in 1960 with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin but are more ubiquitous with the work of Steven Soderbergh and his trio of impeccably stylized and oddly cathartic films featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon among a cast of known faces.

The formula is simple — band a group of well-known famous people together, give them the credence to enjoy each other’s company and stick a camera in front of them. That may seem cynical or sly, but it’s what happens and boy is it satisfying.

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