First Blood ★★★
First question: Who doesn't wanna see Silvester Stallone kicking cops' asses in an action film?
Answer: If you want to, you have to see the film "First Blood"

This is me, on a journey to catch up with Rambo: Last Blood.
So I just saw the first movie and it was......good!

The fucking surprising thing was the book was published 10 years before the adaptation came, so:
- The book: 1972 (I didn't read it)
- The movie: 1982 (I saw it)
Let's talk about it:

Sylvester Stallone has a good performance as the main characters, John Rambo, a Green Beret Vietnam soldier who didn't know how to react to people anymore and got arrested. Sometimes I thought that these people are giving him too much to do, he was given a long speech and it's impassioned. The others are okay, the guy named Galt was and asshole so I hate him and that means his performance is good as well but he died for being an annoying guy. The chief cop was okay, sometimes he had embarrassing moments. I kinda cringed at the guy named Mitch (ya know, w/ orange hair). The Colonel was okay, sometimes I could see him trying to remember the script.

It's a really good idea that they made Rambo and the chief cop a protagonist and also an antagonist in the inside. A problem is that these characters can be really stupid and I cannot stand. For Rambo's sake! They're cops, they had to be smart, at least a bit. When they're doing something that should be paid attention, I was like "Who gives a shit!". I only cared about the main character to see how he would deal with these people just because both him and his enemies had misunderstandings about each other.

Next is the script, it's fine, there are some good lines and there're some stupid ones as well like when the Colonel said this:

"God didn't create Rambo, I did!"

I was like "What the hell does that suppose the mean?". I also had a big problem with the script. This movie is rated R right? This movie has mature characters right? So at least they had to swear in many lines, I didn't find much of those words and I was bored by the lines like 30% of the script.

I wanted to watch this film mostly for its action cuz it's an action film so there must be some cool actions and I was right. This movie is quite action packed. Director Ted Kotcheff did really well, he did it really well, there're lots of explosions, guns shooting, bloody violence and I was entertained. Sometimes I could find the action was dumb but I let go of it. The camera work was really good, I liked the cinematography and the score was fine, it's good. Movies in the 80s' always have scores like this and it gets you invested.

Another problem with this movie is the message Kotcheff was trying to deliver. It is handled in a too heavy-handed a way but I heard that the book delivered a better message. The ending is also kinda confusing to me and I don't think it would work for the film. He actually surrendered or some kind of shit and was arrested.

Overall, First Blood isn't great but it's not bad but also not in the middle. It had some good aspects and a few bad ones but judging it as an action film, it had enough actions for the entertainment though he's fighting with stupid people. I'll just go with 6.5 out of 10. Now I'm gonna watch Rambo: First Blood Part II.