Rambo III ★½

Good news: The franchise isn't dead.
Bad news: This movie sucked!

So I just saw the third movie of this franchise and it's probably the worst movie of it. Like it's not really a train-wreck but it's just another pretty bad sequel (of the 2nd film).

Let's start with poor Sylvester Stallone with an okay performance but the rest were not good. It's just like in the second movie and their acting made the characters they played pretty boring-ass with a boring-ass Colonel Trautman which I didn't see much of him in the film or they didn't even remember that this character is in the film. He wasn't given much to do. Maybe he changed his face or whatever the fuck. I don't give a shit about them cuz of their bad acting and secondly, the characters are pretty boring, some of them are really stupid.

The script is still bad but at least they didn't get to the worst level of script. There're still some cli·ché dialogues which kinda bore me a lot and the rest of the script was exhausting for someone to fully read it. It's also another point about the boring-ass characters with a boring-ass script like this.

The action is also a bit dumb but not as dumb as the sequel of the 1st film which was pretty boring but this movie also ended up like that. This time, John Rambo guns amok in the name of American democracy, but he packs less dramatic firepower than last time. "Rambo III," a poorly paced, much less involving show of guns and machismo, makes you miss "Rambo II". (I actually took this sentence from The Washington Post cuz I can't think of a way to describe this). It's a good idea to have this film about Afghanistan people and in the end, they said it's for Afghanistan people or children I forgot. We already had the dumb action, and then we're brought to a pretty bad camerawork but a better film editing. Nevertheless, if this were directed by Ted Kotcheff or Cosmatos, at least it could be a bit better but no, Kotcheff is too talented so they brought in some hack (Peter MacDonald (Finally, an easily pronounced name)). But all of this, it's like we're treated not much of anything new through 1 hour and 42 mins (also the longest movie of the franchise). Comparing to the 1st 2 films, this is all exactly the same: guns shooting, explosions and some dumb fighting (at least I liked the fight in the first part when Rambo's fighting w/ a guy). The score wasn't as good as the 1st and 2nd film but I let go of that because it's not bad.

There's not much to say about this one cuz it's just plain dull and the worst film of the franchise. Could there even be anything THIS fuckin bad cuz I couldn't find much.