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  • It's Not Just You, Murray!

    It's Not Just You, Murray!

    I’ve now seen several of Scorsese’s short films from the beginning of his career, and honestly this is the one where you can most clearly see the potential. The themes and the propulsive camera work signals the direction he’s going creatively.

    The training ground of the greatest American filmmaker of all time. This one is definitely worth a watch.

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  • Nope



    Nope is the third feature film from Jordan Peele, who has achieved soaring notoriety and status in the short time since he began making horror/thriller films.

    Nope is an alien movie in which the threat is elusive, unique, fast, and colossal. The film is about our voyeuristic society , and our modern tendency to exploit and monetize photos and videos of pain and tragedy.

    It’s a tense film and as Peele’s other films have lead us to expect, Nope tries to tell us…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    I’m just glad this exists. It’s a solid action film with astounding stunt work. Once again, Tom Cruise proves he is one of the most powerful and captivating screen presences in the history of cinema.

    Feels like an appropriate send off for this story, and a welcome transition film for Tom Cruise. He shows his age with grace instead of struggle or vanity. He’s handsome yet worn.

    The music, the stunts, and the energy make this a memorable film. Enough homage to keep the audience in their seats and enough spirit to bring them to their feet. Well done.