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  • Solaris



    Exists in the space between rationality and irritationality; all of the symbolisms to be inferred and digested. To be candid, this film has taught me more about being at peace with my own self, alone, than just about any other piece of art in existence.

  • Just Go with It

    Just Go with It


    To compare sandler film to sandler film is really just a measure of whether you think the way he dragged his nuts all over your eyeholes was funny...this time, because all of them are just him dragging nuts.

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  • FRED 3: Camp Fred

    FRED 3: Camp Fred


    The only time I wasn't physiologically annoyed was when John Cena beats the shit out of Fred, climbs back into a refrigerator, and disappears.

  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon


    Well it has been 50 films since I watched The Tree Of Life, that means A Trip To The Moon has the special priveledge of being film #750 in my lifetime. The reason I picked it is somewhat simple. I wanted to watch a film that IS cinema.
    Why? All my life I have been looking for a hobby. There was sports, video games, music, etc, but a little over a year ago I found THE hobby for me...movies. There…