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Early Cinema: The Era of Trills and Visual Spectacles

Early cinema, often referred to as the "Cinema of Attractions", represents the formative period of filmmaking from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. During this time, filmmakers primarily focused on captivating audiences through visual spectacle and novelty rather than narrative storytelling. Film theorist Tom Gunning coined the term "cinema of attractions" to highlight its focus on immediate sensory experiences and its similarity to other forms of popular entertainment, such as amusement parks and vaudeville shows.

Auteur Theory: The Director's Creative Signature

The auteur theory asserts that the director is the primary creative force behind a film. Coined by French film critics in the 1950s, François Truffaut and André Bazin, the theory suggests that a filmmaker's body of work reflects their unique style, recurring themes, and personal artistic vision, akin to an author's signature in literature.

CinemaWaves: What is the Film Movement?

A film movement signifies a wave of cinematic works, usually following a particular trend in cinema, shaped by and reflecting the time, people, culture, and political events of the region from where it emerged. Often, these film movements are instigated by filmmakers or film critics who develop concepts through discussions on how to create certain films, and then translating those ideas into cinematic practice.

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Novelistic in the best sense.




Written by Karl Marx.

Imagine a remake

Moving pictures! That's impossible!

Insane the way these filmmakers found cinematic ways to show this shit even this early. Incredible

A Trip to the Moon

A Trip to the Moon


So brilliant! Incredibly modern I feel for a film of its time and so creative. This reminds me of why I love cinema. I utterly adore this. 

Those aliens were freaky little guys. The wizard scientists were so wise and mystical. This film captured my attention and I was deeply blown away by every scene. I couldn’t pull my attention away. I didn’t want it to end.

The concept of the film was very interesting to me, as humans have always been eager to discover the unknown, and the first science fiction film ever made was about the moon 🌒
This film is still captivating more than a century later!

omg i remember when this came out